6 Things to Know Before Renting an Apartment

Comfort should be the utmost feeling when you think of an apartment.  It should reflect your personality and have some liberties that you cannot enjoy if you are squatting or sharing an apartment with a friend or friends.

There are basic things to look out for when on the hunt for an apartment either alone or with friends. Such is renters insurance, which covers you and your properties while subletting an apartment.

Doing a thorough check of an apartment before renting it is a smart move to save money, protect your properties and even yourself. Another important thing that you should do is searching for the most suitable insurance package for you. You can find insurance companies online that give the best renters insurance schemes. Find the ones that are most suitable to your demands and that you can afford.

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Below are some of the things you need to take note of before you rent that dream apartment.

1. Don’t Get Carried Away by Looks

Don’t be carried away by how the apartment looks from the outside. Even from the inside. Good paintwork can hide many faults, especially cracks on the wall.

2. How Safe is the Neighbourhood?

No matter how fine or affordable the apartment is, if the neighbourhood is not conducive for you, better not take it. Being single and renting an apartment in a crime-ridden neighbourhood is a big risk and thus, not advisable for anyone.

3. How Safe are the Stairs or Lift?

If the apartment is located in a high rise building, you might want to check the condition of the stairs and lifts. How do you get to your apartment if you can’t use the stairs or lift? Faulty staircases will lead to falls and could cause major accidents. Lifts can also cause damages too.

4. Check The Electrical Works and Appliances

Switch on bulbs, wall sockets, and every electrical appliance in the apartment. You want to be sure that the voltage will carry these appliances, and if they need repairs, what sort would it be?

5. Check the Documents

Read all the printed words on the lease before you sign. You can employ the services of a lawyer to help walk you through such documents if they are difficult to understand to avert any unseen problem.

Look at what you are entitled to as a tenant during your stay in the apartment, what renovations you can do, how high should your music volume be and other things stated on the document. If you are not satisfied with it, do not sign to prevent your landlord from suing you for breach of the agreement.

6. Check for Pests in the Apartment

You want to check for these. Beyond being carriers of diseases they can be a real nuisance. Look for rat holes, cracks that could introduce ants, spiders, termites and even scorpions. If you notice any of these, get reliable pest control products or employ a professional versed in this field.

Don’t be pressured or get carried away with getting an apartment without first carrying out these checks mentioned above. They could be the reason why you finally end up in the type of apartment you’ve always dreamed of.

Author: Zaitar